Original oil portrait painting price and process

oil portrait painting of children


When you start the portrait process, you will be talking directly with me, portrait artist Jessie Rasche. I strive to make every commissioned portrait a moving, beautiful, heirloom quality masterpiece – knowing that it will be cherished for a lifetime.

Collectors of Jessie’s portrait paintings are unique individuals who love both having artwork in their lives, and who love and enjoy their family – either human or animal.

For them, I immortalize a special time in their loved one’s life in a beautiful, unique, painterly, painted portrait. Portrait paintings by Jessie Rasche are original, lasting masterpieces.

dog pet portrait


11 x 14 inches – $750 framed
16 × 20 inches – $1500 framed
24 × 30 inches – $3000 framed

Listed above is the base cost of an oil portrait of one or two people or animals on canvas or linen with a neutral background. Additional subjects and detailed backgrounds are an additional charge. Combining very different source photos or creating paintings from “ideas” rather than source photos may be an additional charge. Travel and shipping are an additional charge.

Other sizes and options

Pencil portraits start at $250.

Oil portrait sketches are $400 framed (details below)

Corporate portraits

16 × 20 inches – $3,000
24 × 30 inches – $8,000

Listed above is the base cost of an oil portrait of one person on canvas or linen with a background. Travel, if necessary, is an additional charge. Framing and shipping are included.

Email / call for pricing on custom sizes / needs. 

professional portrait artist museum show

The process can be as simple as you like. Contact me to talk about what you would like to see in a portrait. It’s OK if you just have a general idea – or if you have a specific vision. I’ll work with you to make sure you get what works best for you.

I will do my best to accommodate your vision and your budget, and to ensure that you love your portrait painting. I even have a love it guarantee and a 100% happy collector track record!


The process of commissioning an original oil portrait painting is tailored to each collector’s preferences, but generally follows the steps below. It’s a collector-centered, fun process – and takes very little time for the collector.

1) Email or call to set up a free no-pressure consultation chat.
We’ll chat on the phone about your hopes for a painting. I’ll ask you a few questions, you’re welcome to ask me any questions you have, and we’ll both make sure that I am the right artist for your project.

2) Pay a Deposit
If you choose to commission a portrait, a non-refundable deposit of 30% is due before the next step. This covers some of the supplies, time, and expenses for your portrait project.

3) I’ll paint you in my studio or at your location, or take Photos and make Sketches.

If you are far away and need to send photos, that’s fine, but they need to be photos that you took. I do not work from professional photos, and need written copyright permission from the person who took the photograph. 

We meet, and I will paint a 2-3 hour color study and take photos to work from in the studio. For young children or people who cannot or prefer not to sit for the color study, I’ll take color notes to work from, or just work from my photos.

If you’d like, I’ll send you layout options to choose from, and make modifications until you love the composition.

4) Painting Begins
You will receive photo updates of your painting at a few stages in the process. You are welcome to visit the studio at any point to see their portrait in person, or hop on zoom with me to see the painting remotely.

5) Final Approval
I’ll send you images of the completed painting to approve before delivery.

6) Art is Delivered to You
Your painting will be delivered or carefully packaged and shipped with tracking and insurance as soon as it is dry to the touch.

You now own an original, beautiful portrait.


Portrait study project


This is an affordable and fun way to collect a portrait.

To participate in the portrait study project, just e-mail me a photo of your kid, beloved animal, or you with your child or animal sharing a lovely moment together. (Your photo will be kept private, and only used as a painting reference.)

The first time I did a project like this, 11 years ago, it focused on moms and babies. This time it is open to a wide interpretation of parental love – dads, grandparents, pets… Surprise me.

If I paint from your photo, the painting will be available to you for $400, shipped framed and ready to hang on your wall.
That is less than my regular portrait pricing because these paintings do not follow the regular portrait process.

  • Style: Loose, fun, gestural color studies
  • Size: 8×8 or 8×10 inches
  • Materials: artist quality oil on canvas
  • Price: $400 framed
  • Shipping is $20

Other Important Info

  • I may not be able to paint from all the photos I receive
  • I will respond to every email! If you don’t see a response within a day, please check your spam/promotions folder
  • Photo sender will get first dibs, before the painting becomes available to the public (possibly at a higher price)
  • Paintings will be displayed on a Portraits Special Project web page on this site, and may be incorporated into a book when I reach my goal number of portraits